StoneRiverElearning Create A Custom Responsive WordPress Website For A Client
This online course will help you master responsive WordPress site design for clients. Build bespoke websites, earn more money and wow your clients.
Duration: 5 Hours

Charge your clients
	much more money by creating a WordPress website exactly to their requirements.
	Create a custom responsive WordPress website for a client using the Genesis theme framework on the WordPress platform.
	WordPress provides you with a fairly well-optimised web system. However, combining WordPress with the premium Genesis theme ($59.95) ensures an entirely future-proof, perfectly optimized and responsive web design with the latest CSS3 and HTML5 with Schema mark-up.
	The course shows you everything – from the basics to fairly advanced HTML and CSS tweaking of the child theme.
	After you have finished this course you will have learned how to:
	·  Set up a WordPress website on a host's server (both the manual and "one-click" methods)
	·  Create a custom "Under Construction" page to display during online development
	·  Set up the logo and top navigation menu with drop-downs
	·  Set up a blog on it's own separate page
	·  Set up social media profile link widgets and understand widgets in general
	·  Add content and images to the website's pages and the blog posts
	·  Create and style up new sidebar widgets
	·  Two ways of adding and editing an image slider with overlaid text
	·  Use CSS media queries to ensure the site displays correctly on all browsers and all possible devices (phones, iPods, iPads, tablets, laptops, etc.) – completely understand responsive design
	·  Create a contact page with a contact form
	·  Create an email subscription list and sidebar form with incentive to join – the most important tactic of internet marketing
	·  Display a "favicon" for your site for the browsers's address bars (as well as for iPod Touch, iPads and iPhones)
	·  Display a higher resolution logo for retina screens
	·  Plus much more!
	I would advise anyone taking this course to have the Genesis theme framework although it isn't 100% necessary.
	This course is ideal for anyone wishing to create a website for themselves or other businesses – for which you could charge $3000+. I have gone into everything in great detail so there's no need to worry if you have very little knowledge of WordPress, HTML, CSS and/or PHP.
	The course would be particularly useful for people who wish to run their own web design business as you would be able to charge four-figure fees for creating a bespoke website like this.

Setting up a new website and WordPress with Softaculous
Setting up WordPress manually on a host using cPanel
Adding the under construction plug-in
Setting up a custom "Under Construction" page
The difference between Pages & Posts and explanation of custom permalinks
Installing Genesis
Customize and brand your child theme
Changing the site title and tagline
Creating a static home page and separate blog page
Creating the top navigation menu
Adding an image to  the home page
Formatting text and adding subheadings in WordPress
Introducing widgets
Checking mobile responsiveness
Editing the footer
Adding social media profile icons to the header
Creating a MailChimp Email List and Adding an Email Signup Form in a Widget
Introduction to Developer Tools
Changing the logo image
Changing the color of the top navigation menu bar
Editing the style of the text links in the top  navigation menu bar
Creating a signup form by pasting HTML from MailChimp
Editing the HTML of the MailChimp signup form
Styling the MailChimp signup form with CSS
Changing the position of the header widget
Changing the font weight of the subheadings
Creating a new user in WordPress and a discussion about user roles
More styling on the email signup form subscribe button
Changing the line height of the page heading
Adding a contact form
Introduction to responsivity of the website and media queries
Changing the logo image for different device widths
Media queries for retina screens
Editing the home page with the client
Adding pages and sub-pages [drop-downs] to the menu with the client
Changing the link color in the style.css
Creating a favicon
Changing the background color of the dropdown menu
WordPress Page and Post text and image formatting
Making the site go live!
Putting a non-responsive image slider on the home page
Adding the responsive Layer Slider from CodeCanyon to the home page
Further editing to the Layer Slider
How to add subheadings to your WordPress Post (or Page)
Adding images to a WordPress Page or Post